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K9 Edge of the Monmouth County NJ, Sheriff's Office receiving our first vest on January 18, 2017. 

K9 REX (3) (1).jpg

K9 Rex of the Ocean County NJ Sheriff's Office receiving his ballistic vest on March 4,2023


K9 McGinley of the Somerset  County NJ Sheriff's Office  receiving his ballistic vest on

March 4, 2023


K9 Pip, K9Junior, K9 Kinder,

K9 Luna, K9 Hudson, K9 Brady of the University of Kentucky's Police Dept. receiving their Trauma kits on January 28, 2023


K9 Jenner of the Beach Haven NJ Police Dept. receiving his Trauma kit on

April 1, 2023


K9 Rex of the New Orleans Parish La. Sheriff's Office receiving his trauma kit on April 10, 2023

Police K9's are called upon everyday to search for narcotics or explosives, track and apprehend criminals and even to help find a missing child or elderly person. They go into danger without question or hesitation and sometimes they may be injured in the process. 

It is our mission to help protect the K9's before, during and after by providing them with the equipment necessary for their safety, 

Proceeds from the sales of "The Adventures of Solo" children's book series and Solo gear is used for the purchase of body armor and safety equipment for our K-9 officers. 



Military Training

​"Solo's cousin Duke, who is training to become an explosives detection K9 for the U.S. Marine Corp. teaches Solo how to identify different types of explosives."


The Big Dog

Hi, I'm Solo and I'm a big dog. Well, I wasn't always a big dog. I started off as a little puppy with five brothers and sisters. We played everyday so we would grow up to be big and strong.


Then one day my life changed, I became a police dog, a K-9 officer. 

Now I help others and keep them safe.


Show your support for our K9 heroes.

Donate today!!!!!!!

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